Nejoum Digital Mobile Planetarium
  • Earth at perihelion 03-01-04h 27m
  • FULL MOON 05-01-04h 53m
  • FIRST QUARTER 08-01-03h 39m
  • Moon conj Jupiter 08-01-05h 08m
  • LAST QUARTER 13-01-9h 46m
  • NEW MOON 20-01-13h 14m
  • Uranus 0°.62 S. of Moon Occultation 25-01-11h 51m
  • FULL MOON 16-01-4h 52m
  • FULL MOON 03-02-23h 09m
  • LAST QUARTER 12-02-03h 50m
  • NEW MOON 18-02-23h 47m
  • Moon conj. Mars 21-02-00h 28m
  • Uranus 0°.31 S of Moon Occultation 21-02-13h 56m
  • FIRST QUARTER 08-01-3h 39m
  • Venus Conj. Mars 22-02-05h 13m
  • Moon conj. Mars 01-03-20h 21m
  • FULL QUARTER 05-03-18h 05m
  • LAST QUARTER 30-03-17h 48m
  • NEW MOON Solar Eclipse 21-03-09h 36m
  • Vernal Equinox 20-03-22h 45m
  • Uranus 0°.11 S. of Moon Occultation 21-03-11h 18m
  • Mars 0°.97 N. of Moon 21-03-22h 14m
  • FULL MOON, Lunar Eclipse 04-04-12h 06m
  • NEW MOON 18-04-18h 57m
  • Venus 7°.50 N. Of Aldebaran 21-04-04h 18m
  • FIRST QUARTER 25-04-23h 55m
  • LAST QUARTER 11-05-10h 36m
  • Uranus 0°.22 N. of Moon Occultation 15-05-11h 55m
  • NEW MOON 18-05-04h 13m
  • Saturn at opposition with Sun 23-05-01h 35m
  • FISRT QUARTER 25-05-17h 19m
  • Moon at apogee 26-05-22h 12m
  • Mercury in ascending node 27-05-17h 18m
  • Moon conj. Saturn 01-06-20h 21m
  • FULL MOON 02-06-16h 19m
  • LAST QUARTER 09-06-15h 42m
  • Uranus 0°.49 N. of Moon Occultation 11-06-20h 26m
  • Mercury 0°.05 N. of Moon Occultation 16-06-02h 26m
  • FIRST QUARTER 24-06-11h 03m
  • FULL MOON 02-07-02h 20m
  • Venus conj. Jupiter 01-07-07h 51m
  • Earth at aphelion 06-07-19h 25m
  • LAST QUARTER 08-07-20h 24m
  • Uranus 0°.78 of Moon Occultation 09-07-02h 47m
  • Venus at greatest illumination 10-07-04h
  • NEW MOON 16-07-01h 24m
  • Venus 0°.41 N. of Moon Occultation 19-07-01h 07m
  • FIRST QUARTER 24-07-04h 04m
  • FULL MOON 31-07-10h 43m
  • LAST QUARTER 07-08-02h 03m
  • Moon conj. Mars 13-08-02h 00m
  • NEW MOON 14-08-14h 53m
  • FIRST QUARTER 22-08-19h 31m
  • FULL Moon 29-08-18h 35m
  • Venus of conj. Mars 01-09-05h 04m
  • Uranus 1°.09 N. of MOON Occultation 01-09-15h 58m
  • LAST QUARTER 05-09-09h 54m
  • NEW MOON, SOLAR Eclipse 13-09-06h 41m
  • FIRST QUARTER 21-09-08h 59m
  • Venus at greatest illumination 21-09-15h
  • Autumnal Equinox 23-09-08h 21m
  • FULL MOON, Lunar Eclipse 28-09-02h 50m
  • Uranus 1°.01 N. of Moon Occultation 29-09-00h 54m
  • LAST QUARTER 04-10-21h 06m
  • Mars conj. Jupiter 17-10-22h 40m
  • Venus 0°.69 N. of Moon Occultation 29-10-20h 32m
  • Mercury 0°.94 N. of Moon Occultation 11-10-12h 02m
  • NEW MOON 13-09-00h 06m
  • Uranus 0°.92 N. of Moon Occultation 26-10-10h 24m
  • Venus conj. Mars 03-11-01h 10m
  • NEW MOON 11-11-17h 47m
  • FIRST QUARTER 19-11-06h 27m
  • Uranus 0°.94 N. of Moon Occultation 22-11-18h 41m
  • FULL MOON 25-11-22h 44m
  • LAST QUARTER 03-12-07h 40m
  • Mars 0°.10 N. of Moon Occultation 06-12-02h 42m
  • Venus 0°.66 S. of Moon Occultation 07-12-16h 56m
  • Saturn 3°.14 S. of Moon Occultation 10-12-14h 07m
  • Moon conj. Saturn 10-12-15h 02m
  • FIRST QUARTER 18-12-15h 14m
  • Uranus 1°.16 N. of Moon Occultation 20-12-00h 50m
  • Mars 3°.82 N. of Spica 21-12-11h 54m
  • Winter Solstice 22-12-04h 48m
  • FULL MOON 25-12-11h 11m
"Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are..."

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